Rental Wifi in Japan

You might have trouble in understanding the system of rental wifi in Japan.

If you are living in Japan and looking for a rental pocket wifi,I would like to share you some information.

What you want to know are the followings I guess.

– – – – – – – –
(1) Price
(2) How to pay
(3) Support
– – – – – – – –

[About price]
Basically it’s between around 3000yen to 5000yen per month.

[How to pay]
Basically you need credit card.
Some services allow you to pay by direct debit.

Some services provide customer support for foreigners.

The price written(in this page/in the articles) is not included tax.


Shibarinashi-wifi‘s merit.
(a) Monthly fee is 3300yen. It’s one of the cheapest rental wifi in Japan.
(b) There is no another payment (initial cost/registration fee/cancellation penalty).
(c) There is no limitation of monthly usage of traffic.
*There is limitation of one or three days.3G per 1day or 10G per day.
*But you need wait for a while and the speed will turn to be normal.




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