[Shibarinashi-wifi] Very cheap price wifi with good quality in Japan. [English]

I would like to share you with some information for people who are living in Japan and looking for a good rental wifi.

Shibarinashi-wifi is one of the most popular rental wifi in Japan.
And I’m using it.

Shibarinashi-wifi offers two plans.

I recommend you to choose 縛りなしプラン(shibarinashi-plan) because it’s better.
So I would like to explain about 縛りなしプラン(shibarinashi-plan) here.

Basic plan is 3300yen(exclude tax) per month.
You don’t need pay another fee like admission fee/installment fee.

If you want to add insurance for router, 500yen per month is needed.
Mobile battery is 300 yen per month.
In my case, I didn’t apply for both.

[How to pay]
Only credit card is permitted.

Most of the service providers have minimum contract period like two or three years.
If you cancel within this period, you need pay penalty but Shibarinashi-wifi doesn’t have this system.






following step is you enter credit information.
(VISA/ JCB/ MasterCard/ AMERICANEXPRESS/ DinersClub are allowed)

Shibarinashi-wifi is one of the best choices if you want to rent pocket wifi in Japan.

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