[SPACE Wi-Fi] Rental wifi you don’t need credit card in Japan

If you are living in Japan and looking for a rental pocket wifi,
I would like to share you some information.

You might have trouble in understanding the system of rental wifi in Japan.

What you want to know are the followings I guess.
– – – – – – – – – – – –
(1) Price
(2) The way of payment
(3) Support
– – – – – – – – – – – –

SPACE Wi-Fi is a good choice for people who look for good rental wifi.

Most of the rental wifi services in Japan allow you to pay only by credit card.
You can choose direct debit and credit card for SPACE WiFi.

You need pay only monthly fee 3680yen.
There is no initial cost and registration fee.

And most of the rental wifi services in Japan have the rule you must make a contract for two or three years.
If you cancel within this period,you must pay penalty.

But SPACE Wi-Fi doesn’t have it.

I checked Q&A.
Q) Can you deal with the people from other countries?
A) Yes,we can. You can download English manual in English and Chinese.
And we have customer service in Japanese and Chinese.

They have ability for Chinese language and maybe some for English I guess.

I’m choosing SPACE Wi-Fi as one of the BEST 4 wifi in Japan.



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